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Today’s Prayer

April 7, 2024

Today’s Prayer: WHY DON’T YOU PRAY ABOUT IT?! That sounds so cliche doesn’t it? When you tell someone that, or you do it yourself…you are expecting that God will answer…Why DON’T you pray about it? Yes, of course…why didn’t I think of that. Well, that fact is we can get so frazzled, confused, worried and fearful of a terrible outcome…we forget to pray about it. Shouldn’t that be true with everything? The fact is that we should go to God in prayer with big decisions…maybe even sometimes not so big decisions…the big, and not so big problems we face in life. When we go to God in prayer we can expect encouragement, guidance, hope, and renewed confidence because in prayer God takes away our fear and replaces it with His voice. His strong, clear voice. [Psalms 77:1] “My voice rises to God, and I will cry aloud; My voice rises to God, and He will hear me.” I wonder if someone told Asaph, who wrote this Psalm, when he was struggling under weight of life’s great dilemma’s…’Hey, why don’t you pray about it. I don’t know, but it could be…and…God then moved on his behalf. Sometimes we need to remind people to pray about it…or they might not. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves. We’re fearful, in a state of upset…maybe even panic and we are fretting over what to do and the possible dismal outcome we are expecting…that’s when that inner voice needs to step in to tell ourselves to pray about it. Stop what you’re doing, let go of your fear and find the mind of God in prayer. I can assure you, every single time I am in such a position and I remember to pray about it…I get answers and find relief in God’s presence.

You should try it today. Do you have insoluble problems that seem to have no answer? Are you facing a decision and you’re not quite sure what to do? Is anything worrying you, causing anxiety and stressing you out? WHY DON’T YOU PRAY ABOUT IT!

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