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Prayer Targets


(1 John 5: 14) This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything
according to his will, HE HEARS US. (NIV) •

- The only way to live a truly transcendent life is through prayer.
- What helped Jesus transcend even in the worst of circumstances was his prayer life!
- "True prayer is neither a mere mental exercise nor a vocal performance. It is jar deeper than that- it is a spiritual transaction with
the Creator of Heaven and Earth. " - Charles Spurgeon

1. Rene and Norma Ybarra (Northeast El Paso)
2. Robert and Angie Correa (Houston TX)
3. Bob and Angie McCullough (Houston TX)
4. Josh and Danielle Stephens (Georgetown TX)
5. Troy and Kristine Johnston (Arlington, TX)
6. Randy and Annette Jaramillo, (Indianapolis, IN)
7. Frank and Belen Luna (Warwick RI)
8. Alex and Victoria Rodriguez (Orlando, FL)
9. Vince and Nicole Vasquez (Milwaukee WI)
10. Doug and Dianne Moss (Newport OR)
11. Craig and Melanie Wilder (Springfield OR)
12. Richard and Yolanda Rubi (San Antonio, TX)
13. Roman and Nora Gutierrez (McAllen TX)
14. Willis and Liz Gordon (San Antonio TX)
15. Roland and Liz Perez (Austin, Tx)
16. Albert and Yoli Martinez (Clearwater, FL)
17. Eric and Jen Quiles (South Central L.A. CA)
18. Isaac and Doris Cortez (San Marcos, Tx)
19. Jed and Elaine Matthews (Seattle Wa)
20. Danny and Jessica Hernandez (Horizon, Tx)
21. Raymond and Marissa Hernandez (Medford, OR)
22. Mike and Liza Major, (St. Petersburg, FL)
23. Rodger and Annie Dirk, (Omaha, NE)
24. Juan and Claudia Gonzalez, (Thornton, CO)
25. Adrian and Rosa Chavez, (Houston, TX)

1. Chris and Tanya Padilla (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico)
2. Bobby and Carrie Perez, (Iel Aviv, Israel)
3. Sergio and Ana Monjaraz, (San Salvador, El Salvador)
4. Thomas and Amanda Frietag, (Graz, Austria)
5. David and Gaby Macias, (Cd, Juarez, Mexico)
6. Charles and Edna Brobbey (Ghana W. Mrica)
7. Victor and Consuelo Solis (Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia)
8. Ramon and Patty Juarez (Mexico City)
9. Hector and Fransisca Opazo (Santiago Chile)
10. Juan and Silvia Sustersick (Tehuacan, Mx)
11. Jorge and Lucy Eugenio (Madrid Spain)
12. George and Espie Moreno (Juarez Mex)
13. Victor and Alicia Juarez (La Paz, Bolivia)
14. Gennan and Lety Castillo (San Jose Miahuatlan, Puebla)
15. Ted and Gaby Ramirez (Metepec, Mex)
16. Nick and Michelle Rogers (Kathmandu, Nepal)
17. Andre and Marina Stephenson (Battambang, Cambodia)
18. David and Griselda Luna (Mexico City)
19. Adam and Reina Rieles (Guadalajara, Mex)
20. Juan and Veronica Balderas (Altepexi, Mx)
21. Sunshine and VenoliaMensah (Monrovia Liberia) W. Mrica
22. Chuy and Jessica Torres, (Camargo, Chih)
23. Marco and Maricruz Contreras (Juarez, Mx)
24. Giovanni and Pati Guevara (Guatemala City)
25. Wisdom and Crystabel Akortia (Accra Anya Ghana)
26. Auggie and Yvonne Herrera (Chihuahua, Mexico)
27. Moises and Jackie Benitez (Oaxaca, Mex)
28. Saul and Ruth Saenz (Parral, Chihuahua)
29. Carlos and Destyni Rueda, (Bogota, Colombia)
30. Alexander and Yunet Reyes (La Lisa, Havana, Cuba)

31. Tony and Marina Arroyo (Medellin, Colombia)
32. Ernesto and Adriana Estrada, (Juarez, Mex)
33. Miguel & Filomena Cruz: (Tecamachalco, Puebla MX)
34. Miguel & Reina Dorantes: (Zinacatepec, Puebla MX)
35. Erik & Alicia Lopez: Asuncion, (Oaxaca MX)
36. Cornelio & Faviola Candelaiio: (Mexico City, MX)
37. Carlos and Law·a Rojas, (Axuxco, Puebla, MX)
38. Norberto and Carmen Moreno, (Huixcolotla, Puebla, MX)
39. Ivan and Monica Tabico, (San Jose Pinula, Guatemala)
40. Julio and Inna Yupe, (Cd. Quetzal, Guatemala)
41. Koffi and Ester Guimyo-Armel, (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)
42. Miguel & Lidia Escamilla: (Acatzigo, Puebla MX)
43. Philipe & Brigida Garcia: (Huautla de Jimenez, Oaxaca MX)
44. Augusto & Maritza Salaiuanca: (La Paz, Bolivia)
45. Jose Elias & Fernanda Soliz: (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)
46. Yves & Christine OKA: (Abidjan, The Ivory Coast)
47. Isaac & Mercy Mensah: (Accra, Ghana)
48. Ibrahim and Yorlet Bruhl: (Baracoa, Cuba)
49. Noe & Marianna Rojas: (Vicente Guerrero, Sierra Negra, Puebla)
50. Caleb and Brenda Melendez (Chennai, India)
51. George and Jessica Rangel (Tokyo, Japan)
52. Josh and Sylvia Quintero (Bogota, Colombia)
53. George and Melissa Martinez, (Villa Nueva, Honduras)
54. AHredo and Nina Mejia, (Madrid Spain)

Greg and Lisa Mitchell
Harold and Mona Warner
Paul and Renee Stephens
Richard and Yolanda Rubi
Joe and Connie Campbell
Tom and Janice Payne
Kevin and Janet Foley
Paul and Linda Campo
Mark and Michelle Aulson

• New converts to be established I key converts to be saved
• A fresh infilling of the Holy Ghost.
• The peace of Jerusalem
• Supernatural finances in the church, (employment,     prosperous business ventures).
• Young couples to get stirred for the call of God
• A fresh anointing upon ministry
• Strength and unity in marriages
• Revival among our youth,
• Ft. Bliss/ military fainilies/ Soldiers deployed.

• Peanut Chaffin
• Mr, Fierro
• Rosa Trevizo
• Jessie Martinez

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