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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Welcome to Flight 2022. We are preparing to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your relationship with Jesus is your #1 priority, a positive attitude and gratitude should all be secured and locked in the upright position. All sinful self-destructive habits and devices including pride, pity, anger, selfishness, and resentment should be turned off at this time. All unforgiveness, living in the past, negativity, hurt, and discouragement should be stowed away. You are now cleared for take-off with the destination being VICTORY - living victoriously in Christ. Realize that a new year is like a blank book. It has 12 chapters and 365 pages. You decide to put on the new man and walk in the spirit so you won’t fulfill the lust of the flesh. Therefore, go forth and make this year count for eternity’s sake by also helping others do the same. Have a blessed and fruitful 2022!

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