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RANDOM THOUGHTS ON IMPORTANT MATTERS: SOME WORDS ARE VERY IMPORTANT. Three words I’m thinking about today—COMPASSION, SUBDUE and CAST! They are found in the following verse and they will have profound meaning for you today:

“He will again have COMPASSION on us, And will SUBDUE our iniquities. You will CAST all our sins Into the depths of the sea.” [Micah 7:19]

This short narrative begins with God’s compassion for us. COMPASSION means; WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, MATTERS TO ME. Lots of people say they love, but their love has no wheels. It doesn’t go anywhere, takes no action. Real love will take you somewhere and cause you to make the most extraordinarily sacrifices. Of course, that’s where Jesus’ love for us took Him—ALL THE WAY TO THE CROSS.

The second word in our narrative—SUBDUE; this means to subjugate, overthrow or to overpower, another translation says; “He will subdue and tread underfoot our wickedness [destroying sin's power].” You couldn’t do this yourself. Sin is a force that dominates unless someone steps in on our behalf to overthrow. It took Jesus death on the cross and His resurrection to accomplish that.

Then the word CAST—as in ‘cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.’ This is a very powerful image. Once something is lost at sea, it is gone forever. No way to recover—at least, that’s what they thought then. Today things can be recovered through various means of technology—not so when this was written, ’cast into the depths of the sea’ means GONE FOREVER—IT IS NO MORE AND WILL NEVER BE AGAIN! That’s what happens to YOUR SIN WHEN IT IS FORGIVEN. If I could offer my own translation, just to enhance the meaning: ''He will AGAIN have COMPASSION on us, because what happens to us MATTERS TO HIM. He will overpower the force of sin in our lives by the death of Jesus Christ and His resurrection...and then, our sin will be CAST into the depths of the sea, NEVER AGAIN TO BE RECOVERED.”

SOME WORDS ARE VERY IMPORTANT and I hope these three words have deep meaning for you today!

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