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Today’s Prayer

April 6, 2024

Today’s Prayer: [Luke 11:1] “Now it came to pass, as Jesus was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, "Lord, TEACH US TO PRAY…" Could that possibly be the most important request the disciples ever made? What did they see in Jesus that made them want to pray like He prayed? It wasn’t one named disciples who asked Jesus…it just says; ‘…HIS DISCIPLES said to Jesus, teach us to pray…’ That tells me the disciples must have talked about Jesus’ prayer life among themselves and then they collectively asked Him. How Jesus prayed got their attention, it was not like anything they had seen. It was passionate, He did it often…It had substance, vitality and perhaps they saw that Jesus WANTED to pray. It wasn’t drudgery or religious duty or something to be put off or neglected. It was a priority with Jesus and He did it often. Perhaps they saw Him praying on some occasions multiple times a day. Whatever the case THE PRAYER LIFE JESUS HAD, THEY WANTED. So, my question for you to consider; Is anyone inspired by, impressed by how you go about praying that they want what you have? That is precisely how the revival of prayer that is needed in the church is going to be initiated and spread. When you get serious about prayer…attend prayer meetings and make them a priority and do it with passion, zeal and desperation it gets people’s attention who want to learn to pray like you pray. The church that Jesus founded on the Day of Pentecost became a praying church. ‘Lord, teach us to pray…’, apparently they were taught, they learned and then they put into practice the prayer life they saw and heard in Jesus. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to teach others to pray. New believers, people who may be struggling in their life…they learn so much when they see others struggling who are faithful in prayer. People in the church who are dealing with sin, the flesh and carnality…they need to learn to pray from others who pray. That’s all we’re seeing in the above verse, Jesus prayed, the disciples heard and saw Him pray…and they wanted to learn about prayer from Him. People need to learn about prayer from you. WE NEED A REVIVAL OF PRAYER IN THE CHURCH. You can be a catalyst for that if you put yourself in a position to teach others to pray. The early church was a praying church because the disciples taught what they learned from Jesus about prayer. They lived it and taught by their example. [Acts 2:42] “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” [Acts 3:1] “Now Peter and John went up together to the temple at the hour of prayer...” [Acts 6:4] “…but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word." If we are going to be a catalyst to change the world through prayer…and then follow up with necessary action we are going to have to learn from Jesus about prayer and then teach others.

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